Indian Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Photograpy

Your wedding day is the momentous day in your life, because you may never experience it ones more. Nobody ever think or dream of a second wedding day, it happens ones for all in life. Marriage is not an ordinary dream and it costs you a lot, if you are not successful in marriage .It will affect you in all its aspects and  you lose financially, physically, emotionally, and sexually.
Over many years, you dream how your wedding day should be and there are some images of that day but you can not hold it with your  fingers and build the images in your brain but there should be the moments which you can keep for life.
In the good old times people did not have any other choices apart from taking pictures of the day and therefore they used to hire a indian wedding photographer and keep the wedding picture in their living room.  In India especially in small towns you could see the wedding pictures hanging on the wall, but unfortunately this tradition is on the way out.

In India we used to hire just one photographer at wedding ceremonies but nowadays you can meet many amateur photographers, who are the family members and friends, in the wedding parties and they take the pictures of the married couple by mobile phones most of which has camera and video recorder. We had video tapes recorded at wedding parties and the video cassette recordings were very personal and only the family members could watch them but now you can watch many wedding recordings at Youtube
Nowadays people do not prefer to have printed images and photo albums, although the images will be kept in the storage in digital cameras for years and so that nobody will ever see them.
Nowadays most of the photographers submit the wedding ceremony images in the CD to the married couples In fact, it cost less than printing and is an environmentalist method. Anybody who wants to see the images can install the data into her/ his personal computer and so he/she can display the images whenever she/he wants to see and the images can be uploaded to facebook as well and thru internet the people around the world can see the wedding pictures even before the married couples.
Instead of hiring photographers for wedding parties, the family members or the friends of the married couple take the pictures and in the days that followed they become regretful of not hiring a photographer because he/she would do it professionally and there would not be a second change to do it again. This affects badly the photography industry as well
Of course this is my opinion whether you may agree with me or not and in the past many people told me that most of the couples still hire photographers at their wedding ceremonies and therefore I am wrong. But it is the fact that the world is changing more and more but your wedding pictures will remain forever.”

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